Sunday, November 8, 2015

Finished Christmas Table Runners!

The finished runners on a beautiful fall day!
     My project to use up yards of my Christmas fabric stash by making some Christmas table runners is complete.  I've written about my efforts herehere, and  here .  Before putting on the binding, I calculated that these 14 runners used up about 15 yards of fabric.  I think the binding used up at least 4 more.   I have not yet run out of fabric (although these made a huge dent in the pile), but I may have run out of steam!  I finished these a few weeks ago, but bad weather, the time change and a busy workplace hindered my blogging updates!
All the runners on the deck. 
One of the runners in a more realistic setting.  
I remembered to add my tag to each of the runners!
Following are more pictures of the fronts and backs of these runners. 

     Glad to get these done!   I just got a Tiara II, and am spending time getting used to that, and I have a few non-holiday projects that I must get to.  It is hard to believe, looking at those calm waves, that last year about this time (11/17), we got hammered with 7 feet of snow!
View of the deck last November.  Hmmmm, the lake looks the same.  

Here is hoping for a less snowy November.

Take care,


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