Sunday, September 20, 2015

Christmas Fabric #3

     Whew - 14 table runners backed and quilted.  Next step - binding!  
     Here is the original huge holiday fabric stash!  The runner tops used up about 10 yards of fabric.    
The stash before starting. 
The seven chevron runner tops.    I also made four checkerboard tops and three tumbler runners.
These got used up  for backing
     After I got pieced the backing, I also used up lots of batting strips, using some Heat Press Batting Together Batting Tape.  I pinned the first few, then I took advantage of the nice weather, and used quilting adhesive spray (outside) to stick the rest together.  I used a can of 505 that I had on hand, and got another of Dritz.  Both worked fine.  
     On to the quilting - I started with the first runner, trying a leaf motif on each strip of fabric.  That took way too long -  I am giving these out this Christmas - not in 2020! 
The time consuming (and not particularly beautiful) leaf pattern.
      I had to come up with a easier quilting motif.   What came to mind was that colorful ribbon candy -

     Using that as an inspiration, I quilted the rows in the big loopy loop -

The ribbon motif on the back.
    For the tumbler block runners, I quilted alongside the seam lines with a walking foot.

For the checkboard tops, I used a big zig zag stitch with my walking foot, and spaced the lines fairly evenly. 

   Quite a lot of fabric (about 7 yards) got used making the backs. Here's a look at all of the backs - 


Chester - the Christmas cat elf! 
      It turns out that I have many more yards of Christmas fabric to use up.  I'll keep you posted!

Enjoy the start of Fall!
Take care,