Tuesday, October 16, 2018


     As many of you may know, I recently returned to college - enrolling part time in the Fine Arts department at a small local college.   I initially thought that taking art classes would improve my quilting and quilt designing.  What I didn't realize was how much I enjoyed creating art in pencil, oils and acrylics, in addition to fabric!   I am enjoying this experience so much, and am so lucky to have great teachers, and really creative and welcoming classmates! 
    Just like in quilting - I couldn't throw away some scraps from a class project, and decided to try making a line collage.  I had some painted squares of paper, and rummaged around and found some orphan garment pattern pieces in my sewing room.  I experimented with the medium to attach the paper, and ended up fairly happy with the result.    A picture of the initial piece is at the end of the blog.
     I continued to experiment and tried paint on paper, rather than cut color squares and ended up creating a series of  small line and color collages.  I like how the pattern lines and markings are not obviously from a sewing pattern until you look closely (or unless you are a sewist!). 
     These turned out so well that I got some nice square frames, and framed them up, and am taking the big leap from giving away my art pieces to selling them!  One of my pieces is already in its new home, and I have another four on sale in my newly revamped ETSY shop.  I changed the shop name from Snug Harbor Quilts to SnugHarborStudio to reflect a broader range of offerings.    There is a link to the ETSY shop on the right hand side of this blog!
     Some of the photographs below were taken without the glass since I was having a hard time getting a good photo, but the finished piece is 12 x 12 square, matted in white shot, with glass.  The artwork is about 7 1/2 inches square. 
This one is entitled "DO NOT CUT PIECES APART"
"Robe Back"

2" (5cm)

(Left Side)
     I will be putting more up in the ETSY shop in the next few weeks, and expect to be making some more in different colors.   I like each alone, but they look nice grouped, too.

     I really appreciate you visiting my blog, and hope you visit my ETSY shop as well.  Please share this with anyone you think might enjoy this art!

     Here is the initial piece I made - somewhat different from the collages I framed up!  

Friday, October 5, 2018

Quilt Retreat

     I returned Sunday afternoon from my second quilt retreat with a wonderful group of quilters from the Eden Quilt Guild.  What a beautiful weekend it was!  Lots of sewing, lots of laughter, lots of good food and friendship.  Not so much sleeping (and I was the first to bed each night!)  
      Since starting this semester at college, I haven't gotten as much sewing in as usual, so this long weekend was the perfect way to make progress on several projects.  One project was the kaleidoscope quilt, using this big bright floral fabric.  
On the wall at the retreat.
     I had precut my triangles, and sewed them up (in half hexagons).  I placed them on the design wall to start to get a sense of layout possibilities.   Once I get a layout, then I can sew by rows, thus avoiding any Y-seams
     What I didn't realize until I returned home was that I had about 10 more sets of triangles in the bottom of my fabric tote.  I am nearly done sewing those up, and will be working on getting this put together.  I am loving the variety of images created by this method! I separated them on the wall to ensure that I don't create two that look too much alike.  Each set of triangles has three possible variations.  I like to try them each out, and then sew up the one I like the best of the three. 
On my design wall.
      I also had cut out some squares to make a wall hanging for a friend from this fabric.    

     However, after putting those on the design wall, I can see that the stripes are not nearly distinct enough, and that this, on its own, is dull and boring.  Back to the drawing board!   These may become another project all together! 

     Everyone at the retreat also worked on a 10-inch block for a guild project, using fabrics selected especially for the project.   I referred to mine as "that damn blue block!" until it was done.  
     I know this doesn't seem like much for 2 1/2 days and evenings of quilting.  One entire day was devoted to another project, and the large center of a lap quilt was completed.  I am thrilled with it, and will soon be putting on the borders and getting it finished soon.  It is a gift for a friend, so I am not sharing any pictures until it is in her hands! 
     Finally, my new little kittens are getting bigger, and seemed happy to see me home!
Judy (in front) and Betty!  
Take care,