Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Confetti Quilt

The Confetti Quilt
      My colorful Confetti Quilt is finished!  This quilt marks my first finish for 2014.  I started this quilt on New Year's Eve, finished the top on New Year's Day, and put it aside to finish the Kitty Cat Love quilt.
     I really loved how the colors danced on this top, and was a bit concerned that my quilting plan, a free motion geometric design with a colorful varigated thread, might not really complement the top.   But, I wouldn't know until I tried....
The start of the quilting.  
     My daughter was home for a brief visit, and she liked the pattern, so I quilted on. 
     The quilting went pretty smoothly and fairly quickly.  I tried to take a relaxed attitude toward wobbly lines.  My primary goal was to quilt evenly over the top.  I got the quilting foot stuck a time or two on the edges! 
      I truly love how the quilting turned out.  I think it gives more texture and movement to the top.  I took photos before washing it to capture the patterns and the colors.   I think the overall pattern complements the top, although the quilting is a bit denser in some areas when I got a bit lost in the pattern.   

     The quilt top is about 34 by 46 inches, and is a nice baby quilt size, but I decided to add a hanging sleeve, and I may use this as a wall hanging in my office.  I backed the quilt with the IKEA numbers fabric.  The white background really shows off the quilting pattern.

Adding the hanging sleeve.  
     I wasn't sure what to use for binding.  I contemplated a little dot, or using one of the bright colors, but then checked my supplies.  I keep a basket of left-over binding from other projects, and discovered enough black binding to complete the quilt.  That made by my decision very easy!
The basket of binding
        After washing and drying, the quilt got nice and crinkly.   Unfortunately, by the time the quilt came out of the dryer, the sun had set.   
all warm and crinkly.  
      One more picture of the quilt (before washing) on the snowy adirondack chair!
Stay warm and take care.
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