Sunday, June 26, 2016

Stars in the News - Mystery Quilt top, done!

      The mystery quilt top, Starburst, (Mystery Quilt #12 from Quilters Club of America website) is complete.  I noted my progress and the beginnings of my mystery quilt in my last post.   I must admit that my enthusiasm for this project waned.  I usually really like my quilts, but I am not crazy about this one.   
     I think my angst is due to the color choices I made. The instructions indicated that the mystery quilt was designed with a medium background color.  I decided to use white - to give it a modern pop.  What I didn't do was adjust the #2 color - I was so keen to use the newsprint fabric, that I failed to notice that it was basically white as well!  
These originally looked compatible
With my notes. 
   As I reflect on this, a bright yellow for the #2 color instead of the newsprint or as the background color would have done the trick.   A learning experience for me!   
      The tri rec tool was interesting to work with.  It made for some nice points.  I just couldn't get the sizing quite right.  The pieced squares (which should have finished at 4 1/2 each, were a little larger than that.  I still struggle with consistent 1/4 inch seaming, and will keep working on it.  Next time, I'll trim the pieces to size. 
I should have redone these with a different fabric as soon as I saw how close the values were!  

This is an example of a solid 4/12 inch square over the top of a triangle unit.  The triangle unit was too big! 
     The starburst blocks turned out well.  (Although you can see the sizing remained a problem! ) I like the bright colors against the light, and the dark star points.   

The addition of the inner stars was the disappointing part.  That newsprint really didn't stand out at all from the white.  The picture below was the finished top of the challenge.  The directions then suggested a border with the blue and green print, but I didn't have enough of that in my stash, so I went with the pink dots.  

I strip pieced the blocks for the border. 
    Another shot of the finished top, which is a good size - about 44 x 60.    This is a quilt which looks better than it photographs, since the newsprint fabric shows up more close up than in the picture.  I will put this top in the line to be quilted.  I may bind it with the black dotted fabric.    The nice thing about quilts is that even the ones I am not crazy about are still warm on a winter's night!      

Take care, and enjoy the rest of June!