Saturday, May 14, 2016

Mystery Quilt - Beginning and Progress

     I came across the beginning of a mystery quilt series on the  Quilters' Club of America website, and decided to give it a try.  My plan is to keep up with the weekly blocks, and complete the quilt by the July 7 deadline.  Naturally, this means I am making the smallest possible quilt!  I also am sticking with my plan to use only stash fabrics this year.   Here is my progress to date.         
The fabric choices.  I love the newsprint fabric (Zen Chic), which I had my husband buy for me, so I could keep my goal of not purchasing new fabric!   I am not sure there is enough contrast with the white, but we'll see.  
My high tech method of keeping track of which fabric is which!
Step 1 - 4 1/2 inch blocks.  
Step 2 - cutting - 2  1/2 inch strips
Step 2 - finished Blocks
The challenge suggests using a Tri Rec tool.   I am always keen to learn a new technique! 
The tool in action  - cutting out triangles.  
Step 3- finished blocks.  I am not sure that there is enough contrast here. 
Step 4 - more white triangles 
Step 4 - side pieces.  I must say, this tool does make for nicely finished blocks! 
      While I was sewing the Step 4 blocks, I was daydreaming, and chain-pieced 20 of the blocks without noticing that the needle wasn't threaded.  Oops!  
Step 4 - finished blocks.    Lots of contrast here! 
     I am very curious to see how this turns out.   I am enjoying this challenge! 

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