Friday, October 20, 2017

Getting Ready for a Quilt Retreat

    For the first time ever, I am going to a quilt retreat.  Three days of sewing and hopefully, fun!   I have no idea how much I can get done during that time - I have never actually had the luxury of sewing for days without any other commitments!  I am packing the following projects, in the hopes that I will get at least some of them done. 

1.  The "Fall"ing Star quilt.

      This is the top I am creating from winning the September Block of the Month log cabin blocks at one of my guilds.  I have these blocks ready to sew together, and am in the process of cutting up more light squares for a border.  I haven't yet decided whether to do a 6 inch, 9 inch or 12 inch border all around.  That may depend on how much fabric I have!   I need to have this top done so I can quilt it up, and show it at the January guild meeting. 

2.   Block of the Month Challenge

     In January, I decided to do a solid brights and blacks version of each of the Blocks of the Month.  So, for example, the September block, the log cabin - I did a version as directed (and which I won back!) 
September Block for Guild
     and a version in all solids. 
September Block for Challenge
        Here is the March block, with greens and creams from my stash. (and rather crooked seams, I fear!) 
March Block for Guild
     I first did a version with a pink, but when looking at all the blocks together, realized this was an odd one.  
First March Block for Challenge 
      So, I recently redid it in the blues and greens that appear in most of the other blocks. 
Second March Block for Challenge - I haven't even ironed this yet! 
     I did what I think is the April block in Easter colors for the guild. 
April? Block for Guild
      My challenge version was done originally in bright orange and bright pink, but when I took a picture,  I realized that there was NO CONTRAST between the orange and pink.  Funny how you see it with a camera, and not with the eye!  
First April Block for Challenge. 
         Redo with green instead of the pink.
reworked April Block for Challenge
        By the time I get to the retreat, there should be 12 blocks finished.  I have 11 done so far!  I plan to sash with black, and also use these orphan blocks from years ago in the corners. 

 3.  Ultimate Carry All Bag 

    When I attended the NYS Quilt Consortium meeting earlier this fall, I saw a quilter using an carry all that looked really nice, and during our little shop hop after that meeting,  I purchased this fab fabric on sale to use on the bag.  Naturally, without knowing what the pattern called for, I got more than needed (I purchased 3 yards!).   I ordered the pattern for the Ultimate Carry All bag from Craftsy, and am hoping to get that underway at the retreat.   (PS - the pattern only calls for one yard of the fabric!)  I have been warned that the instructions are not really clear, so I am glad I'll have others to consult during this process!  
Love this fabric!  Michael Miller Folk Birds from 2015

 4.  Spider Quilt 

       This probably should be listed first.  It is the oldest project underway!  I have been working on this quilt since at least the summer of 2014 (and actually probably before).  I have lots of leftover repro Civil War fabric, and began a paper pieced project for a quilt for my husband.

      I am using a dark Kona gray as the center piece, and then just strip piecing the leftovers to the paper.  I have a good start, but lots more to do.

     Here is a peek at what the finished large blocks will look like.  My plan is to hand quilt this one, but since piecing is taking me years, I am not sure what I will do.  These are not my colors, really, but I do like how the piece will look overall!  

     I suspect that this is plenty to keep me busy.  I'll report back next month how much I got accomplished at this retreat! 
I am linking up to Finish it up Friday at Crazy Mom Quilts.  Take a visit and see lots of great pieces!

Enjoy the weekend -

Take care,

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Mystery Quilt Progress

The cut pieces - before any piecing! 
     An update on the Magnolia Mystery Quilt.  October's instructions came during the first week of October, but company and finishing up quilts and other matters (all good) made it hard to get to the piecing until this week.  The instructions were easy, for half geese units, 36 going one way, 36 going the other.  I sometimes watch TV while working (currently watching "Death in Paradise," a British murder series set in the Caribbean.  As a result of inattention, I ended up having to count these little pieces out several times.  But, now all done, and waiting for the next set of instructions.  
The finished little half geese units.
Prepping the units to sew.  I do hope this blue marker comes out! 

Using my ruler to trim these pieces neatly.  Sometimes I just wing it with scissors, with varying degrees of success! 

Nicely chopped! 

Little leftovers.  I may hold on to these.  I am doing a workshop in the spring with Maria Shell, and maybe will need little bits of solids!
     I am starting to put together the projects to take to my first ever quilt retreat.   More on that later this week! 

     My little Halloween bibs are on sale on Etsy(link at top of page), if you need the perfect little Halloween treat for the special baby in your life!  

Take care,