Friday, June 9, 2017

Quilts Are Everywhere!

          I have a baby quilt all finished that I can't wait to share, but the baby isn't here yet!
          In the meantime, I have noticed that quilts are everywhere!  On a recent trip to Princeton University, I photographed some quilts.  It is my understanding that every 25th reunion class has jackets made from a Princeton tiger/striped themed fabric, each one being different design.   There are several quilts made from those fabrics hanging in the student center.

          My little local library also has a quilt show going on,  with a great variety of quilt types, from modern to vintage to art quilts.   No curating of the exhibit, no judging, just plain and simple enjoyment of different quilts.  I am glad I added my "Confetti" quilt to the mix!

My Confetti quilt from 2014.  My blog about the quilt top is here

          Last month my guild hosted a presentation and workshop with nationally known quilter Mark Sherman, who shared his stunning quilts with us.

        I have several other quilts underway so will get back to sharing my own quilts soon.  

Take care and have a great weekend!

Friday, May 26, 2017

Over the Rainbow, Baby! Class Sample

          While I wait to see how my little modern mini quilt fared (link here) in the Quilt Expo challenge (to be announced on May 30),  I thought I would share a recent finish.   As I had shouted from the rooftops last year, I had an offset rainbow throw size quilt published in McCall's Quick Quilts in February 2016.  My blog post about that quilt is here, and a picture of the larger quilt is in my blog heading!  I recently completed a baby size version of that quilt, and will be teaching a class this summer at the Aurora Sewing Center.   It was great fun to put this together using 5" squares!
          To simplify the quilt making, I quilted it using my walking foot with a serpentine stitch, and I think the quilting nicely complements the pieced pattern. 
          Here is a close up of the quilting. You can still see my markings in this photograph.  Luckily, the marks disappear nicely when washed!

          For anyone in the Buffalo, New York, area - the class schedule can be found in the class booklet on the Aurora Sewing Center web site - here.  The three day sessions will be in East Aurora on Friday afternoons (2-5) on 6/30, 7/7 and 7/14; and in Williamsville on Wednesday evenings  (6-9) on 8/2, 8/9 and 8/16.   My goal is to have a finished quilt at the end of those sessions!   Please consider taking this class - it should be lots of fun! 
          I finished the quilt with the adorable Windham Fabric Newspaper wide quilt backing.   I have used most of my stash of this up!  I rarely regret buying too little fabric (usually I get way too much!)  - but, in this case, I do! 

          Have a wonderful, safe and thankful Memorial Day Weekend.  

Take care,