Monday, January 20, 2020

Scrappy Little Rugs

      In between projects, I decided to get going on using the scrap jelly roll strips I had made for some small rugs.   I just finished two, one round and one oblong.
    I still have some of the prepared strips to make some more, and I have some rolls of scrap batting all ready to use when I get around to cutting more 2 1/2 inch fabric strips.   Unlike the fabric, I don't join the batting.
     These are pretty easy projects, especially when listening to a thrilling novel.  I have been listening to an audio book of "The Woman in Cabin 10" by Ruth Ware.  I can't wait to finish it.  Spell binding!  Why is it that a narrator with a British accent sounds so good?
     I have been working to improve the smoothness of the finish on these, which involves taking out the batting incrementally in the last bit, and rolling the fabric to make it blend in to the edge.  Each one gets better, although none are perfect!  But since these are rugs for below a sink, or for pets,  I am not overly concerned!

    I also realized that it matters how you start the piece, and that it looks more finished if you can put the stitched side inside, so the last row does not look odd.  The round one had the stitched edge on the outside,
    On the oblong one, I managed to get the smooth side facing outwards.  Much nicer finish!
     The oblong rug is already out the door and headed to Connecticut with my son. 
      These are great projects to use up scraps of fabric and batting, and also thread! 
     I am finishing up a baby quilt, and also trying to get my pink and purple batik Lexi quilt put together.  That one is a struggle - not sure what I did wrong!  More to come.

Take care,

Friday, January 10, 2020

Li'l Nancy Drew

     For those who have been reading my blog for years, you may recall that in 2013, I made two Nancy Drew Quilts for my childhood friends.  We were all big fans of that titian haired girl detective!   Click to see the details on those  Nancy Drew Quilts.
     Fast forward a few years, and my friend Cy (dark hair), is now a grandmother of a little girl, Louise.  

I decided to use the Sugar Sack (Whistler Studios) fabric I had used for my "Mad about Plaid" table runner.  Blog post here! .  I started with 5 inch squares and cut enough for two baby quilts.   For this quilt I decided to do an illusion quilt.  I watched a you Tube video from the Missouri Quilt company to get started.  Video here 
Instead of gray, which is often used in illusion quilts, I used a dark blue Kona cotton, and I substituted 3 of the 5 inch squares for fussy cuts from some of my remaining Nancy Drew fabric.  The colors are close enough that you have to be a detective to find the Nancy Drew heads! 
     I didn't take many photos while putting together the squares, but managed to get some photos of the squares on the wall before sewing it all together.  
   I quilted with white Aurifil and bound it with the blue, and used the newsprint backing because my friend Cy is a writer! 
  Thank goodness I remembered to use some color catchers when I washed it to make it soft and crinkly.  I washed it three times, and still the color catchers got filled with the blue.  Yikes! 
Here are some close ups of the three Nancy Drew patches! 

I hope that little Louise will enjoy reading, adventures and lifelong friendships just like her grandmother! 

Sorry about the weird formatting.  I tried too many times to fix it, and just couldn't figure it out!  

Take care,