Saturday, March 24, 2018

Almost Finished! - New York Beauty

   I kept getting Facebook reminders of a 'memory' from a year ago - a picture of my New York Beauty piece in progress.  The last long post about this piece is here.   This piece is only 36 inches square, so why wasn't I getting it done?  I had started quilting it in August, and then other projects and life took over!  I am happy to report that I am nearly done.  This is some very dense quilting!  Only three small sections, and then binding to finish up this beauty.    I'll post more when it is done!  My local library is again hosting a quilt show, and I am trying to get this done in time to enter!
Almost done - excuse the threads! 
  Here are two close ups of sections of the piece.

     I used turquoise thread against a pale lavender Kona cotton in order to see the quilting, which is overwhelmed by the fabulous Kaffe Fassett fabrics!
    More to come soon!

Take care, and Happy Spring!

Friday, March 16, 2018

The Table Runner is finished!

     Just in time for Easter, I finished the batik stripes table runner.  A fast project, it took me longer than I expected only because I had other things going on.  It turns out that college art projects take quite a bit of time!    I used some Michael Miller folkloric material I had purchased last year as a backing.  I also used some of the Kona Cotton Tiger Lily (color of the year) as the binding.  I love how that looks.    
 A close-up of the quilting on the front:
 A close -up of the back:
     I did straight line quilting, about 1/2 inch apart, using a raspberry colored Aurifil thread.   I am quite happy with how this turned out, and am anxious to cut into the additional batik stripe fabric I purchased (in different colorways!).    The finished runner is long (I like overhang when I use it on my sofa table) and finished at 72 x 12 1/2.    I think this will get lots of use this spring.  
     I am currently working on quilting a charity quilt, and am using the opportunity to tackle feathers.  The feathers are turning out better than I expected for my first time!  I hope to get this done to turn in at my guild meeting on Monday.  
    Have a nice weekend, a safe and happy St. Paddy's Day, and in the meantime, Wahoo wah!  

Take care,

Friday, March 2, 2018

Trash and Treasure Table Runner in Progress!

    Last month I attended a guild White Elephant auction of sewing and other items.   I managed to come home with bags of stuff that night, including about a 70 inches worth of a 24 inch wide piece of striped batik fabric.   Great bright colors!  Why would someone NOT want this? 
     Shortly afterwards, I caught YouTube video (here) made by Jordan Fabrics, showing a very easy use of this fabric, which I have since determined is a Robert Kaufman Elemental Stripes Batik from the fall.
    The folks on the video used a weight to hold the ruler while cutting, a tip I have already incorporated in all of my cutting!  No more slipping rulers and uneven strips! 
    With such a small piece of fabric, I had to improvise, and decided to cut 7 inch squares instead of the larger squares they used.   I had to watch the video a few times to realize that you set the squares up as mirror images (or as close as possible), and then cut diagonally in opposite directions.   Then, mix and match the pieces, and simply sew the half square triangles together. 
     Voila, such pretty blocks.    I love how this looks.  Unfortunately, this was a bit too big for a wall hanging, and too small for a baby quilt.  (Please note it still kills me that I can see the tape under the flannel on my design wall!)   
    Oh my gosh, isn't this delightful to look at?
     Since I like to make useable pieces, I decided a new table runner was called for!  I tried two layouts.  The first is with the blocks all going the same way.  I like how it shows off the form of the block and has a sense of perspective.   
   But I also like the second variation, turning the squares to make a set of wonky square blocks.  
       But, I realized that this second setting will result in 8 seams coming together in one spot, and I am not sure I wanted to fiddle with that at the moment, so on to the first variation!     I was hoping to finish this week, but I actually have a midterm test this week (I went back to college in January - first test since 1984!), so study instead of sew! 
       I will confess that I am charmed by this fabric and the possibilities, and went on an internet shopping spree to find yardage to make  a baby quilt or two, and maybe even a bigger quilt!   Of course, I did find some!  Stay tuned.  I'll add this to my "to do" list!

Take care,