Saturday, December 7, 2013

Projects from Christmases Past

"Welcome to Santa's House" wall hanging.
     I haven't started any Christmas projects this year, but have done so in the past, although I only have pictures of a few, and even then, I am not sure of the dates. 
     Two of my projects came from a book or magazine entitled Quilt It for Christmas.  I haven't found the actual magazine yet (although I know it is around), but I did find a working copy I made.  The first project from that publication was a pattern for a table runner, but I modified it to be a wall handing.  I made several, and kept two for myself.  I thought the pattern was so cheerful and whimsical!  
A photo of my working copy of the pattern.
     An update:  I found the magazine.  1999 Quilter's Newsletter  Magazine's "Quilt It for Christmas"!
I wonder if I am considered a hoarder if I only keep quilt related magazines? 
A close up of the wall hanging.  I used a fusible interfacing to apply the houses and trees and stars to the  to the patchwork sky, and added extra batting to the snow piece to make it a bit fluffier.   I sewed little seed beads on as house lights, and other little metallic decorative pieces as tree toppers.
"Welcome to Santa's House" #2
     I used different scraps for each wall hanging.  This was a great little project to use up some scraps. 
A close up of the second hanging.  Different fabrics, same cute look!
     That magazine also had a pattern for an adorable Nativity wall hanging.  I believe I made several of these. The one pictured below is one I gave to my mother, who hangs it every December.  I didn't make one for myself.  I still have the pattern, so perhaps one day soon.

The magazine instructions.

The "Peace on Earth" wall hanging
A close up of  the little manger scene.  
     Like the Santa's House hangings, I used fusible interfacing for the figures, but for this project, I added a zig zag border to most of the pieces.   If I make these again, I will use a border of the fusible interfacing, not fuse the entire piece of fabric. 

   In 1994, before I was quilting, I was in need of a Christmas tree skirt.  I had two young children at home, so I purchased a large piece of white duck fabric, some red, green and gold fabric paint, and made a skirt and created some great memories.

The "Christmas Hands" tree skirt. 
   I had the kids dip the hands in the paint and press down on the fabric.  This was, as I recall, a rather messy project!   I later added gold squiggles and outlines to give it a bit of shine.  
A close up of the hands detail.
      I made sure to add the names and ages of my kids -

I am glad I remembered to add the date to this project. 
     When the paint was dry, I cut it into a large circle, and added some holiday fabric backing, as well as some green and gold fringe.   This has held up nearly 20 years!

 The back of the tree skirt. 
     One Christmas more recently, I made each child a quilt from layer cakes and yardage of a Christmas line whose name I cannot recall.   I cut the 10 inch squares into 5 inch squares, and just started sewing them together.
One of the two similar Christmas quilts.  Each ended up a very generous lap size. 
      I recall quilting late at night, and neglected to sign or date these quilts, which were done just before Christmas morning.   I liked that the colors were a little offbeat - with the bright blues and lime greens and bright golds.  
I quilted each block with a large swirl.

I quilted the wide border with a long vertical meandering pattern.

I found some nice wide gold star fabric for the backing of each, and used the some of the dotted fabric for the binding.
    I have two tops and backs finished and ready to pin and quilt, and have fabric pulled for several other quilts.  I hope to have a new finish soon to share.

Have a wonderful holiday season!
Take care,