Thursday, August 20, 2015

Christmas Fabric Finishes #2

     I am continuing to make progress on my project to reducing my overwhelming stash of  holiday fabrics.  
The original pile of fabrics
      In my last post, I shared using 5 1/2 yards to make 7 chevron/herringbone table runners.   I then used another 2 yards to make 4 smaller checkerboard table runners - two with a green fabric paired with a cute Christmas stocking fabric, and two with a star fabric (not technically a Christmas fabric, but one which has been in my stash for years!) and a dark red snowman fabric. 
2  1/2 inch strips sewn together in sets of 5, alternating the fabrics. 
The final runner will be about 40 by 10 inches. 
The strips for the second set of checkerboard runners
The finished checkerboard.  

     I also used another 2 1/2 yards (1/2 yard cut each of 5 fabrics) which made three tumbler runners.  I cut 5 inch squares, and then cut tumbler shapes from them, making the narrower portion 3 inches in width.   These turned out to be super easy to work with.  I am already planning a multi colored solid quilt using this block! (this may be my New Year's Day project!)    
These are four of the fabrics, plus I had another 1/2 yard of the dark red snowman fabric. 
     These runners ended up being about 44 inches in length, but will finish up at about 9 inches in width.  I'd go a bit bigger with the tumbler next time (maybe 6 inches) .
I liked how the reds all blend together in this version.   
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     The snowmen on the black background added some contrast.  I wasn't crazy about this, and so have some tumbler blocks left over. 

      So -  I have used up 10 yards of fabric (!!)  for 14 table runner tops.  My stash now looks like this  - still yards and yards of fabric to go!

The box at the back left is for scraps. 
     The next step is to get backs for each of those runners, and piece together batting and calculate and cut the binding pieces.   I'll keep you posted.

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  1. Really nice and inspirational Christmas post. All the Christmas fabric is awesome! As far as I understood you are getting prepared to winter holiday starting from summer:)My writer from do the same:) He loves Christmas so much that he prepares to it all the year:)