Friday, November 27, 2015

Baby Lumberjack Quilt

     I have only nine first cousins, and they are all dear to me.  The first of us is now a grandmother - and I wanted to create a quilt for that new baby boy!  His parents were married in a forested park, with everyone wearing lumberjack jackets and apparel.  I decided to try to make a quilt which had the same vibe.  I had remnants of many homespun fabrics which had been used for a number of quilts such as this one.  I decided those would work!

      I cut the strips into 12 inch long pieces, and then sewed them together randomly.
        I then cut two 5 1/2 inch wide strips from each piece, which I sewed together into 8 long rows.
      The random width of the strips made for a very scrappy look.
      I finally got a Tiara II, after years of dreaming.  This is my first finished quilt on my new machine!
      I still have some practicing to do, but was pleased over all at the ease of quilting with all the room on the table, and pretty happy with the stitching (I did not buy the stitch regulator yet)
      I tried a new free motion pattern, and I like how it looks.  I certainly do it again.
      The backing is a mix of two fabrics I have been hoarding, both of which seemed perfect for this quilt.  Below is an Alexander Henry fabric, showing kids camping.
      The other is also an Alexander Henry fabric, full of little mushrooms!
      Here is my trusty quilt holder on a calm November day, showing off the back of the quilt.
      It washed up nice and crinkly.  It is a bit big for a baby quilt, 50 x 38, but will certainly keep him warm!
Welcome to the family, baby Theo!

Take care,


  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. I deleted this entirely by accident! So very sorry, Judy!

  2. Sounds perfect, love these fabrics for a baby quilt, it will grow with him! Enjoy the new machine!

  3. This is gorgeous! Such a cute baby quilt.

  4. You are so talented, Gretchen, and creative! Love the theme and the harmonious color combinations! Lucky baby Theo!

  5. Beautiful quilt!! I love the lumberjack theme!

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