Saturday, March 25, 2017

New York Beauty - Block #4

      I have finished my New York Beauty Blocks #4.    So many pieces and curves!

      My sewing of the curves is still a work in progress.   The smaller ones are so much more difficult than the larger ones!  In either case, so many pins!  
      I am also beginning to run out of usable pieces of some of the fabric scraps, so I have to audition different fabrics for each little part! 

     The pieces are, more or less, meeting up satisfactorily.   Almost done!  One more New York Beauty block, and then I will make my hanging.

     As I walked by my basket of pysanky (wooden polish painted Easter eggs), I realized that I have real fondness for a riot of patterns and rich colors!

     I am pleased to have been invited to speak to another quilt guild next month, and am working on that presentation, as well as finishing up a class sample and syllabus for a class I expect to be teaching this summer.  It is so nice to share my love of quilting with others.

Enjoy the beginning of spring!
Take care,

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  1. Beautiful! I aspire to make a New York Beauty. Quilt someday.