Friday, March 10, 2017

New York Beauty - Block #2

     I have completed three blocks of the second New York Beauty pattern.  I am glad I am doing this sample before I try a full quilt.  I am still struggling with the pieces coming together properly.  Some parts seem too small!
     I am using copy paper as the base, which is pretty heavy and clunky to use (but free since I use scraps).  I am working on a way to streamline the piecing of the "crown" portions so to cut down on excess material to be trimmed off.  I have also discovered that removing the paper before piecing the curves together makes it a lot easier to pin and sew.  Making progress.  I intend to make a total of 5 blocks to start as samples, then get to the business of my "real" quilt.   I must admit that these fabrics just take my breath away!

This one doesn't seem even close to square!  I'll make it work, somehow! 
     I had already sewn the first block samples into a large square block, and now that I am continuing the project, my current plan is to use three of each new pattern to wrap around the middle.  I won't sew these together until I am done.  I may come up with some other plan as I go.   A table runner, perhaps?? 
Here is the beginning of my work on Block #3!  LOVE these!  

     I did have a finish this week, although NOT a quilt-related one.   When I decided to retire, I ordered up some wall paper to replace the paper in our guest/kids' bath.   I thought having a project would be a good idea.  Little did I know that I would be so busy I wouldn't get to it until now, more than a year after the wallpaper was purchased, and almost a year since retiring!   I haven't wallpapered in a while, and this was not pre-pasted! The bathroom is narrow and has tall ceilings, but I plugged away, and am delighted with the results!

Before.  (I was already starting to remove the paper at this point!) 

After.   It feels fresh and light and airy (and goes nicely with the green tiles! 
     After some glimpses of warm weather, we are again getting cold and snow.    Have a great week.
Take care,


  1. I love the fabrics and the idea of a table runner. Nice job with the blocks you have completed. And great job with the wallpapering!

  2. Those quilt blocks are just gorgeous--love your pattern fabric combos...hugs, Julierose