Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Levi's Trip Around the World

    Earlier this summer, my nephew and his wife welcomed a new baby boy.  As I was planning his quilt, I was inspired by this quilt, a stunning granny square quilt, by Rita of Red Pepper Quilts.  I am still trying to work only from my existing stash, and thought that some "around the world" quilt blocks might work to get the same type of vibe.  Several years ago, I had made a scrappy quilt using this block, and decided try the block again, with a more traditional layout.  I decided on a red, black and yellow color scheme with white - I love the black Alexander Henry fabric, and had never had a project to use it in.   

     I went with 6 strips (each 2 1/2 inches wide)

     I then sewed the strips together in the same order, then ironed the seams, and made the tube to create the strips by undoing the seam in a different spot each strip to create the diagonal pattern.

Oops - had to redo this one ! 
     The finished blocks had the black as the center row.  
     I had to decide on a layout.  I tried it with a red center (with Chester's assistance) 
I decided to go with the white center. 

I caught the error on the bottom right corner before it was too late!  That was the redo, above! 
    I had considered many quilting options, but, used the backing as inspiration, and went with a double bubble overall pattern.  I used Aurifil white, and am getting more accustomed to my Tiara II.  
Chester is very helpful in the quilting process 
     Here is the backing fabric, with a close up of the quilting pattern. 
     I had started the quilt before the baby arrived, and before our trip to Scotland (see my previous post about that wonderful adventure!).  Once I returned, Levi was here!  I decided to personalize the white center block.  I printed out samples of the name with various fonts, and settled on one. 
     I cut out the letters, and carefully traced with a mark-be-gone pen. (which disappeared beautifully!)
Thank goodness he has a four letter name! 
     I then sewed around the letters, and tried to do a dense quilting to allow the name to pop out. 
     I used a bright yellow batik from my stash for the binding.
The quilt finished at a generous 48 by 48 inches.
     A close up of the finished center block.  Subtle. 
     The stitching shows up more on the back, but isn't that visible when looking at the back as a whole.

The wind was quite strong on Lake Erie for the quilt wrangler! 
    Welcome to the world, baby Levi!  It is hard to believe that the summer is winding down.  I have a long list of quilts to get underway!

Enjoy the rest of the summer.
Take care,


  1. Oh it is gorgeous! What a beautiful quilt and the perfect colours for tiny babies as they learn to see colour. I love that his name is quilted into the middle - though I agree it's a good job he doesn't have a really long name!

  2. I love the trip around the world design! This one is very cute! It is nice to add the baby's name to the center, well done!

  3. This is a super cute quilt!! Love it!