Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Scrappy Around the World Quilt!

Ruthie's Scrappy Around the World Quilt.

     When I first began to follow quilt blogs this year, the scrappy around the world quilts were all the rage.   I liked what I was seeing, and decided to give it a try.  I finished this a while ago, but this quilt was a high school graduation present for my godchild, Ruth, so I had to wait to post this.  Congratulations, Ruthie!

The quilt is large - 72 x 96
The back of the quilt.  The print fabric is from IKEA.

A close up of the back, with the loopy quilting on the interior panel.  I used a bright multi colored cotton quilting thread for all of the quilting.

A close up of the stippling in the border strip.  I used leftover strips from the blocks to create this border.

A close up of the quilting on the interior panel.  I wasn't sure about the multi colored thread, but I love how it complements the colors of the quilt.

I actually tucked in all (or most) of the thread ends. 

A portion of the back showing all three different quilting styles.  I used a walking foot at 1 inch intervals to quilt the rows in the bright blue border

I also used left-over strips for the binding.  This photo shows how the quilt crinkled up nicely after washing.

      The various scrappy around the world quilts I saw on the blogs were of all sorts of fabrics.  I decided to go with all solids, as I had a large variety of solids left over from various projects.  I used nearly all in my stash, with the exceptions of brown shades, which just didn't seem to go. 

Some of my stash before taking out the rotary cutter.
After the cutting  - the strips are 2 1/2 inches, which made for 12 inch finished squares.

I laid the strips out all over the house to pick combinations for each 6 color square.

Here are the six color combos, before sewing together to make the strips.  There are some great tutorials on the internet showing how to construct these very easy blocks.

Here are the six color combos sewn together, before cutting into strips

Here is a sample of the strips picked apart at the various seams to create a block.

Laying out some of the finished blocks to see what it would look like.

All the blocks put together, with one strip of the border.  I love the bright blue and I had a lot of it.

Getting the quilt pinned for quilting.  I find these binder clips work great in holding portions of the quilt sandwich taut for pinning.

Taking over the dining room table to quilt.

A close up showing a quilted and a non-quilted portion of the top

       This was a really fun quilt to put together.  I think this would be a great one to make as a baby quilt, or with a more controlled color palette.    I am working on a pair of quilts that will be gifts, as well.  I can't wait to finish them, and share them!

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  1. Love this! And if she is like the young people I know, she will love the back even more!