Monday, July 7, 2014

Mini Quilt /Trumpet Mat

The mini quilt trumpet pad
     My son, a musician, was recently home for a brief visit. I am always thrilled to see him, and hear him play, but I am not so enthusiastic about the brass (spitty) instruments all over the furniture.  

Trumpet explosion!
Earlier this year, I made him a pair of table runners to use at the reception of his senior recital.    
The table runner in use at home.
     I had sewn together too many strip sets for the table runners, but knew I'd use them eventually.  I only had a day to work on this project, so it was quick, and simple.
The left over fabric strips, ready to cut on an angle!
     I cut the piece fabric into 5 inch wide strips on a 60 degree angle, and sewed them together in a quick chevron pattern.  The matching was not very precise.  
I am not sure where I went wrong on some of the matching.  The fabric stretches a bit cut on an angle like that. 

I finished it with a plain black Kona cotton border, about 4 inches wide.

     I pinned it up using a flannel as the backing.  I ended up quilting in black thread down the middle of each chevron strip on top, with a grey thread on the back.

The wacky flannel backing!
     I had purchased what little was left of this turquoise and brown pirate deer head flannel fabric on super clearance at Joanne Fabrics, wondering what I would ever do with it, but unable to resist it.  This was the perfect little project! 
     Voila! a quick mat to protect the trumpets, and the furniture.    I was glad to have a quick project to make from start to finish.  I have three works in progress, and hope to finish up one of them soon! 
Enjoy the summer!
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  1. That is a good way to use up what you have, to create what you need and now, you can go and play with another project with another notch on your belt of another finish well done!!!! Keep up the good use of your fabrics and spend the weekend playing now!

  2. I really like that idea!!! I sure could use one of those for a lot of areas...a bath mat, a dish mat and may a smaller one for my flat iron!!!

    Very inspirational today!

  3. Pirate deer--that makes me laugh due to the uniqueness. I bet not too many folks have that in their stash, even though deer are really hot in the fabric design market right now. Those trumpets are getting the royal treatment. Thanks for giving such nice detailed explanation of your process. I doubt you did anything wrong that made the seams not match up; it's just tricky with all those bias edges.

  4. Very cool! Great thinking to use up the leftovers!