Friday, September 20, 2013

Happy Squares and a Mystery...

Anne's Happy Squares Quilt
         Sometime in 2011, I finished this quilt for Anne's full-size bed, using my large stash of 30s reproduction prints in a block pattern from a December 2005 issue of American Patchwork and Quilting.     I loved how the blocks seemed to pulse as a result of the alternating and smaller white strips. 
The photo in the magazine just drew me in!

The cover of that issue.  I have saved all my quilt magaziness,  although have them in no order.  I currently only get one magazine.  I get overwhelmed by the ideas!
       I had used that same pattern for a 9-block baby quilt in June 2006.  The blocks measure over 12 inches square, so this made for a nice size baby mat or blanket.   I love the 30s reproductions, especially the juvenile print ones, for baby quilts.
Kayla's quilt - done  mostly in reds, pinks and yellows - many are Aunt Grace patterns.
A close up of one of the blocks from Kayla's quilt

A close up of the green Happy Squares quilt blocks.
     As I was browsing photos for this post, I took a second look at the photo above, which I had placed into the "Kayla quilt" folder.  Where were the red squares?   I realized that this was another quilt altogether!   This quilt, made in blues and greens, was photographed in November 2006.    I think this was for another family baby, but am not sure and if so, don't know for which one!  If anyone can provide me some information in that regard, I'd be grateful!    

Another look at the mystery green Happy Squares quilt
     I pieced both the back and binding on this green quilt, which is now something I do often, but I don't think I was doing that too much seven years ago. 

The back of the mystery baby quilt. 
      The blocks in Anne's quilt are the same size, about 12 inches square.  In contrast to the more limited color palette I used for the baby quilts, Anne's quilt, which has 56 blocks, uses every cheery color of a 30s print I had in my stash!   I had not taken photos of the quilt when I made it, but recently had Anne bring it home so I could get some pictures.   

A close up of the Anne's Happy Quilt.

I did loopy quilting all over the quilts, and used a solid yellow binding on the big quilt. 

More of the variety of prints!
     I love the good cheer and happy vibe that this quilt provides.  Anne has it on her white iron bed, and it looks great!  I also like the baby quilts, and may use this pattern again for another little quilt.   I hope I find out who that little green quilt was for.  I'll post an update if and when that mystery is solved.
     It is nearly the end of summer.   I am looking forward to crisp fall days.  Enjoy the weekend.
Take care,