Friday, August 23, 2013

Nancy Drew Redux - an iPad case

Anne's new "Nancy Drew" iPad case
     I recently finished two  Nancy Drew quilts for some friends,

One of the two similar Nancy Drew quilts.
and had some of the material left over for other projects.  I am planning to make a tote bag, but still have some 10 inch squares, and a few other scraps. 
Some of the 10 inch squares from the layer cake.  I used a number of them in the corners of the quilts
      My daughter sent me a link to the tutorial in Fresh Lemons for an iPad case (found here), and asked if I could make it with one of the big book cover panels. 

The Nancy Drew book cover panels
     That would have been very cool, but the panels were just too large for an iPad case.  I still had a fair amount of  the black "Nancy Head" fabric left,  and some squares of many various books on a bookshelf, which seemed a perfect substitute.   Anne was recently home for a weekend, and we had ourselves a little mother/daughter project! 

     Using the tutorial, which was pretty clear, we got to work cutting out the fabric.  

The various pieces cut and ready to go
     After we got all the cutting done, Anne exclaimed that "the rest will be easy - it is just sewing."   Well, easy enough for her when she leaves the sewing to me!

     It did go pretty easily, and from start to finish was just a few hours.  We had fun working together, and took frequent breaks!  
The inside lining assembled.  We were using the iPad to follow the instructions! 

    I love how the books form the bottom of the case.  I did the pocket lining just in black - I thought anything more would detract from the four fabrics already in play for this little case.  I liked the zipper instructions in the tutorial - but if I make another one, I'll put the zipper in opening the other way.

The front of the iPad case (before sewing on the velcro pieces for the flap).

A close up of the lining, which does show, and I had enough of the black fabric left from the quilts to make it work.  I found some labels I had ordered years ago and I've started using those on my projects.

The back of the case.   I fussy-cut rows of the heads for the quilts - it was fun to use a larger bit of the fabric.
The case fits her iPad perfectly, and the front pocket holds her Kindle, or can hold the charger.
     Voila - another picture of the case.  We both loved how it turned out, and it is just a fun way to protect her iPad.  I think this is a great use of novelty fabrics.  I can see making some more of these in a variety of fabrics in the future.   I wish I could find more of the bookshelf Nancy Drew fabric - it seems to have sold out completely.  Moda Fabrics, are you listening???
The Nancy Drew iPad case (before I sewed the velcro pieces to the flap).
     This was a fun little project and I was happy to share the time with my daughter.
     Enjoy the week!

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  1. That is really cool! The fabric is very cute and such a nifty pattern. Best thing of all, you know it will get a lot of use, and be a real conversation starter!