Friday, August 16, 2013

2005 - A Nine-Patch Odyssey

Jahdiel's quilt
     I have been reaching out to relatives and friends to get photos of the quilts I neglected to photograph.   My sister brought home the quilt I made her son Jahdiel  when he was born in 2005.    I couldn't remember what I had done to celebrate his arrival, although I knew I had made something special and cheery. 

      I was so pleased to see the bright 9-patch blocks set on point in bright solid yellow (my favorite color), with interesting quilting.   Each patch contained nine different little juvenile prints or 30s reproduction prints or the like, mostly reds, blues and yellows.  All very happy little prints.   I was so glad to hear it had been hung in his room for many years.

It was still a little wrinkled from the trip home!

I had done a spiral quilting pattern in the 9-patch blocks, and in the yellow square blocks. 

I quilted a loopy loop in the yellow setting blocks.   

A close up of one of the blocks and some of the spiral quilting. 

     Those nine patch blocks looked quite familar - especially the ubiquitous Three Little Pigs print that I have written about previously.    In an earlier post, I had shared the only picture I have of a quilt I made in 2005 for my niece's oldest daughter, Kathryn.  That quilt, too, used the happy scrappy 9-patch blocks, but  I had set those in rows, separated by wide red strips.   It is difficult to see in the picture below, but the quilting was a fun swirl pattern.  

Kathryn's quilt

      I looked through my other pictures, and apparently I spent 2005 making these 9-patch blocks!     Kathryn's cousin, Eric, also arrived that year.    He, too, got a quilt made with a dozen of these 9-patch blocks, this one set on point with solid red.
Eric's quilt
       My niece sent me the picture above of Eric's quilt, and for some reason, I did have other pictures of that one (but not the others) on my computer.   These pictures show the swirly quilting I did on both  Eric and Kathryn's quilts.    I also used the fabric from the back of Eric's quilt for the binding of Jahdiel's quilt. 
A close up of Eric's quilt with the backing

You can see the overall quilting in this picture. 

A very close up shot of the quilting - before the quilt was washed, I am sure. 
     Three dozen 9-patch blocks, three sweet little quilts for three sweet babies.  Happy 8th birthday this year to them all! 
     I apparently wasn't done working with 9-patch blocks that year.  In checking my photos and seeing when they were taken, I realized that the "camp quilt" I made for my son from leftover reproduction civil war fabrics was also completed in 2005. 

Dave's camp quilt
     For Dave's quilt, I also used a new quilting pattern, a grid that created a 9-patch look in the solid red. 
A close up of the quilting.

     I like to think about the three kids scattered across the country having quilts that tie them together, even if they never meet.   I am also going to use that swirling quilt pattern soon on a new project.  I forgot how cute that was! 

     Enjoy the last few weeks of August.

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  1. What fun to look back on your finishes - love that swirling quilting, too!!

  2. Those nine patches are fun! and your quilting looks great!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation