Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Quilt Guild

     I am happy that I recently rejoined the Southtown Piecemakers Quilt Guild. I had first joined in 2001, but with working a demanding job and raising two kids, the 40 minute ride after work became a bit too much, and I ended up dropping my membership.   I missed quilting, though, and found the on-line world of quilt blogs!
     Since I retired in June 2016 (and with both kids grown), I rejoined the guild, and was asked to speak to the guild at the January meeting about getting my "Rainbow in a Box" quilt published by McCall's.  I was also asked to give a trunk show.  I was nervous - the ladies in this guild are quite accomplished quilters, but they were so gracious and kind during my talk!
Sea Glass and Sand (borrowed back from my friend, Pam)   This photo sent me running back to Weight Watchers!!!

One of the three Nancy Drew quilts, borrowed back from my friend, Cy.  On my list of "to-do" quilts is to make one of these for me! 

My mother's birthday quilt, borrowed from my mom
     I wasn't quilt sure how to transport these quilts for the "trunk" show.  I needed a trunk!   Years ago I had purchased, on sale, an extra large LL Bean rolling duffel, that ended up being way too big for any of my normal travels, but I found it worked perfectly to hold 10 quilts, and several smaller pieces!

The Rainbow quilt, and the giant duffle bag!   

My Quilt the Blues Contest Quilt (sideways!)
My turquoise triangle quilt.  This quilt seemed to be the one folks liked the best!

My personal favorite - my string quilt! 
My more recent Zing quilt
      I am excited about being a more active member in the guild.  What great work the guild does -it provides quilts and other items to a number of charities, and is holding a quilt show in September.
     I am also looking forward to participating in the block of the month activity.  What a great way to learn new techniques!  At each meeting, someone wins all the completed blocks, and at the January meeting, quilters shared the quilted items they had made with the blocks created during the year.
     Since I am not sure if I'll ever win the drawing for the blocks,  I decided to do a little challenge of my own, and picked and put aside some solid fabrics to make each block so I would have a sampler quilt at the end of the year, with twelve blocks in the same colors!  I have the January and February blocks done, and am very excited about this.  I'll post more about this project later!
      Thank you to the SPQG for readmitting me as a member, and for being so nice to me as a speaker!   I look forward to many years of quilting pleasures!

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