Thursday, February 11, 2016

Kindness Can Change the World

        For my friend Trish, I made a banner celebrating the joyful life of her beautiful daughter, Natalie, for a memorial Mass at Nardin Academy, Natalie's (and my) high school alma mater.  I incorporated some of Natalie's t-shirts and lanyards in this piece.   Both Natalie and her friend Ginny are loved and are missed and they were certainly in my heart as this was stitched.  More about Natalie can be found on Trish's lovely and inspiring blog,   

Ginny Doyle and Natalie Lewis 
Be kind, and live joyfully!


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  1. Hi Gretchen! New to your blog, and new to quilting...I've just completed (well, a couple months ago) piecing together your 'Rainbow in a Box' pattern...and I love it! I'm getting ready to sandwich all, and will attempt to quilt on my own machine (Brother PC420). Have learned a lot, but would like more info on your quilting method for this pattern...what you did first, where you started, etc. I know to start in the middle and work outward, but to follow your pattern, the middle is off-center...?? Anyway, I found you in McCall's, and looked for you from there :) Great stuff!