Friday, July 17, 2015

Natural Trumpet Carry-All

The bits and pieces
My son, who is a musician, has many trumpets, including a natural trumpet which has many bits and pieces.  I had previously used some of my musical fabric stash for his musical table runners.  He asked me if I could create some sort of carry-all to keep these bits organized.   I started with a piece of utility fabric, above, and laid out the pieces which needed some pouches. 
I found some more musical fabric in my stash to use for the pouches.
Laying out the fabric pieces.
I marked the seams with pins before sewing them down. 
The carry-all in progress
After the pouches were made, I added a flap to keep the metal parts from hitting each other.  Here is the final product with the flap down
Final product with the flap up. 
I added some ties made of other trumpet fabric.  Velcro can make too much noise if opened during a concert or rehearsal! 
All finished with the bits ready to be tucked in.
All wrapped up and ready to go.  I used yet another musical fabric for the binding. 
Finished with my little tag! 
Here is his natural trumpet, in its case, and the carry-all fits right inside. 

I am always happy to make something useful out of my stash!

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  1. So impressive. I wouldn't even know where or how to start! I love the binding, so creative.

    1. Thanks so much. Looking at it now, I would probably cover the batting part of the utility fabric with something else, but it works, and he likes it! I have bookmarked your post on the stack and sew. I am going to give that a try soon!

  2. Very nice job! I'm sure your son is thrilled!! Kat @

  3. Very nice job! I'm sure your son is thrilled!! Kat @